About the company

17 years
in the Czech Republic

We are mainly operating on a niche market, redevelopment of historical buildings into luxury residences.

Our distinctive approach is to value their architectural unity and preserve their historical elements which we combine with the latest trends of modern living.


Dolfin Real Estate Group have been operating in the Czech Republic as a development and real estate fund for more than 17 years.

Our team of foreign and local professionals creates real estate development projects for rent or for sale located in the most exclusive parts of Prague and Brno.

Our portfolio includes various architectural styles, but the rule is always the same – to preserving the original atmosphere of Prague's unique heritage buildings - while giving them a new life. We strive to create special homes with a history behind.
Our company has successfully realized more than 55 residential projects.

Currently we offer more than 40,000 square metres of residential space for sale or for rent, in Brno and in Prague. We constantly look for new opportunities with a view to bring to the market many more of these wonderful pieces of czech history. 

On waves with Dolfin Real Estate Group

During its 11 years of existence, Dolfin Real Estate Group gradually succeeded in enforcing Brno‘s and Prague‘s residential market.
One of the partners‘ of the company  - Raphael Boussier - spoke about his view of the domestic real estate market and the company he founded with his business partner, Charles D'Agay. ...  

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